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Lunev, Alexey

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© – photo by Sergey Shabohin, 2014

Alexey Lunev (Алексей Лунёв; born on November 1st, 1971, Riga, LSSR) is an artist, curator and an art collector.

Lives and works in Minsk (Belarus).

Works with themes of individual time, personal images and their fetish and sexuality. Private experiences and emotions also often become inspirational for Alexey Lunev.

The artist uses various media tools such as performance and video, ready-made and installations, graphics and painting.

From 2009 the artist cooperates with Ў Contemporary Art.

Studied at The Glebov Minsk State Art College.
In 1992 took part in a group exhibition Lessons of Bad Art.

Laureate of Künstlerhaus (Boswil, Switzerland) and Aargau canton (Switzerland) scholarships. He took part in more than 30 group exhibitions held in Belarus, Lithuania, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Italy, Albania. Alexey′s solo exhibitions were held in Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Switzerland.

In 2011 curatorial project (by Valentina Kiseleva, Alexey Lunev, Sergey Shabohin) She Cannot Say SKY was awarded as the best project of a foreign gallery ArtVilnius 11 (LitExpo, Vilnius, Lithuania).

From 2014 is an expert council member of ZBOR resource.

Key solo exhibitions:

2010, Multiplications, Ў Contemporary Art Gallery, Minsk, Belarus;
2009, Blackmarket, Municipal Cultural Center, Valka, Latvia;
2007, Second Heaven: Lyrics and IllustrationsMuseum of Modern Art, Minsk, Belarus;
2004, Saliva. Pink PagesROR gallery, Helsinki, Finland;
2003, Life is SOSimple, Künstlerhaus, Boswil, Switzerland.

Alexey Lunev on KALEKTAR platform:

Among other works, the lecture How not/to Cooperate with Art Institutions in Belarus? talks about the work of Alexey Lunev The other Heaven: Don′t Tell Mama, which was presented at XXY group exhibition in Ў Contemporary Art Gallery.

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