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Bubich, Olga

bubich1Olga Bubich
Ольга Бубич

Olga Bubich (born 27 June 1980, Minsk, BSSR) – photographer, essayist, teacher.

Lives and works in Minsk.

In 2002, graduated from Minsk State Linguistic University specializing in Linguistics, Teaching the English and Italian Languages, the English and Italian Literature. In 2003, pursued Master’s degree in General Pedagogy. In 2001, won a grant to study in Italy in a contest organized by the Italian Embassy in the Republic of Belarus, as a result, she completed a course at Universitá per Stranieri di Perugia (Italy).

For more than 10 years, has taught English in BSU. Has studied the theory and practice of photography at workshops by Andrei Dubinin (Belarus), Alexei Nikishin (Russia), Claudine Doury (France), Xavier Fernández Fuentes (Spain/the Netherlands).

Series and single pictures by Olga Bubich have been exhibited in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Armenia, Italy and the Netherlands. The City Inside photo project was awarded the 3rd place at ADNAK international festival in 2011; the Alter Locus series was awarded to a special mention at the Postulat-2012 contest. The Anna′s Dreams picture became a finalist of the Icon Prize gallery contest of cover designs for the book Unfastened Heart by Lane von Herzen.

Analytical articles, photo series and individual pictures, interviews and reviews on photo works, films and world events are published on KALEKTAR, ZНЯТА, pARTisan, photographer.ru, journalby.com, KALIDOR, ON AIRIMBALANCE and TUT.BY resources.

In 2014, the review on Erik Stepanyan’s Lukas photo book was awarded the 3rd place in Reading photo book contest in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

In 2015, her essay on the Vitebsk photography phenomenon was awarded the 1st prize in the review on a cultural event nomination in the On the Way to a Contemporary Museum contest.

In 2013, participated as an illustrator in an electronic publication of the essay collection on food philosophy (in)credible stories by a famous Belarusian writer Volga Gapeeva, and became an author of the conceptual photo series.

Today she is actively working in the sphere of criticism and analysis of contemporary Belarusian photography, acts as a curator of photo exhibitions, teaches Photography in Visual Studies course in Belarusian State University. From 2014, is an organizer and team member of the Photography Month in Minsk festival.

Personal website of Olga Bubich.

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Essay Galina Moskaleva and Vladimir Shakhlevich: a series of photographs ′Madhouse′, 1991-1992

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