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pARTisan (media project)

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pARTisan (founded in 2002, Minsk, Belarus) – a media project consisting of an almanac pARTisan, a series of albums by Belarusian artists pARTisan Collection and a web portal partisanmag.by.

Founder and the project lead: Artur Klinov.

Creators of the project: ″We investigate and present the most relevant, acute, often controversial phenomena in Belarusian culture: art, literature, music, theater. We create and expose idols, construct and destroy myths, establish and violate values. We strive to push the boundaries, not only figuratively but also literally: we track new tendencies in the art world, cooperate with foreign artists, publish special editions on contemporary art of particular countries (Switzerland, Poland, Germany).

On the pARTisan website the creators took a quote from the text Apologistics of the absence by Valentin Akudovich: ″A partisan is the one who always hides (hide-and-seek is the only Belarusian national game), a partisan is the one who always says Im not here about oneself, a partisan is the one who appears only in the moment of diversion (either intellectual or aesthetic, in our case) and then disappears in the absence of oneself.


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