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Province (association)

Members of the creative photography association Province
© – photo: Vladimir Parfenok, 1988

Province (association) (Ассоциация «Провинция»; 1987, Minsk, the BSSR – the second half of the 90s) – an association of creative photography in Minsk. Team members: Alexey Ilyin, Victor Kalennik, Sergey Kozhemyakin, Zoya Migunova, Galina Moskaleva, Vladimir Parfenok, Gennadiy Rodikov, Gennady SlobodskiyAlexander Uglyanitsa, Vladimir Shakhlevich and others. They are mainly graduates of the Studio-2 and Studio-3 at Minsk photography club.

In 1988, Dom Kino in Minsk (now the Red Church) held a landmark exhibition Nachalo. Groups such as Province, Belarusian Climate and META took part in the exhibition .

In 1988, association Province took part in the exhibition New Soviet Photography held in Moscow, the USSR.

Also, there was an exhibition on the waterfront of Yanka Kupala Park in Minsk in 1988.

In 1989 there was a one-day exhibition in VDNH (павильон Выставки достижений народного хозяйства) in Minsk.

1989 marked association’s first trip abroad, and already in 1990 an exhibition was held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Participation in the project Photo Manifesto: Contemporary Photography in the USSR in Moscow in 1990.

The informal Province association collapsed in the second half of the 90s[1].

[1] based on materials from znyata.com.

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Mentioned in the essay «Galina Moskaleva and Vladimir Shakhlevich: a series of photographs Madhouse (Durdom), 1991-1992».

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