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A dynamic encyclopedia about Belarusian contemporary art INDEX (index.kalektar.org) is created basing on the research platform KALEKTAR. The encyclopedia is developed as the main tool for Belarusian art contemporary archive’s organization and construction. It combines all individual projects of KALEKTAR platform. The data system will be filled in according to the principle of internet-encyclopedia in the form of autonomous information pages on names, key events and institutions in the Belarusian contemporary art. Glossary is also under development. All new pages are filled sequentially after their mentioning in the KALEKTAR portal

The resourse requires continious filling, therefore, the editorial office is looking for a team of volunteers who will help write encyclopedic texts in Russian and English languages. If you want to take part in filling of the resource, or if you noticed inaccuracies in publications or you have additional recommendations regarding the creation of new publications feel free to contact us via e-mail: kalektar.org@gmail.com

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